Stefan Christ

Stefan, 4. Dan Aikido, Aikikai Tokyo, has been an enthusiastic Aikidoka since 1992.

While taking an interest in all kinds of martial arts since he was a boy, he only got to know Aikido while joining the university sports programme.

" I was immediately fascinated by the flowing, harmonic movements!"

Soon, he enrolled in Frank Ostoff's Sensei Aikido Dojo Düsseldorf, initially as a pupil, but later on to become a successful teacher himself of Aikido, Kenjutsu (swordplay) and Jojutsu (swordplay with staffs) for ten years.

While being relatively new to Aikido, he met Endo Seishiro Shihan from Tokyo, an experience that has had a lasting impact on his development and career. By regularly attending workshops by Endo Shihan both here and abroad, and having travelled several times to Japan, he continues to deepen his knowledge and abilities.

Christian Tissier Sensei, Jan Nevelius Sensei, Matti Joensuu Sensei as well as Jorma Lyly Sensei and Mouliko Halen Sensei also provide important influences for Stefan.

As a day job, Stefan works as a specialized teacher at a training centre for nursing professions at the University Hospital, Düsseldorf. His teaching is focuse on movement, exercise and mobilization.

In his spare time, Stefan likes to make bows and arrows and is an enthusiastic practicioner of traditional archery.

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